Imaging Solutions
Welcome to This site presents current airborne systems, vehicle concepts and services that include design/produce vehicles and electro-optical payloads.
The BTC 101X is a high performance combination thermal and visible light imaging system, featuring a wide range of motion, retractable mount and lightweight yet durable composite "beetle wing" doors. The BTC 195 gimbal is a multi sensor high accuracy gimbal for use in larger manned or unmanned air vehicles. The BTC - 195 features a very accurate brushless DC closed loop motors as well as a continuous pan axis to provide uninterrupted coverage.
BTC introduces the NexDrone, the 21st century version of our prior successful delta, the ExDrone. The NexDrone adds in line twin reliability and a fully retractable air cushioned high impact landing gear. Test flying for this concept flying vehicle is scheduled for spring 2014. In building our latest airframe, the BTC HawkMoth, we utilized a novel approach towards airframe manufacturing. We concentrate on weight and extreme robustness required for autolanding and longevity. Some HawMoths have over 400 hours of flight time.
The BTC - 40 was our introductory gimbal designed for compact " micro" UAV's. It is a very lightweight and easily integrated with many popular flight control systems. The BTC TigerShark UAV features a unique laminated plywood fuselage, a voluminous payload bay and simplified field assembly. The FoxCar variant features all composite flying surfaces and a 21 foot wingspan.
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