This site presents current airborne systems, vehicle concepts and services that include design/produce vehicles and electro-optical payloads.

Rapid Prototyping

Utilizing in house equipment including 5-axis CNC, CNC Hot wire cutting, and thermoforming.

Specialized Payload Engineering

Including active/passive payload stabilization, payload retraction mechanisms, payload doors, custom vibration mounts, and specialized electro optical installations.

Out of the Box Solutions

We minimize parts count and tend toward the “simplicate and add lightness” school of design.

Airframe Engineering and Production

Complete ready to fly vehicles engineered to meet the flight envelope and operational constraints specified.

Production Engineering

We design with the future in mind. Examples include the Swarm airframe that is designed to be manufactured and assembled entirely by CNC methods.

Operator Training

Is available for any of our products, from either BTC or our assisting partner UAV PRO.

Special Projects

Contact us for specialized solutions to your problems.

DMG DMU 50 5 Axis CNC

DMG DMU 50 5 Axis CNC

Techno CNC 4 Axis Table

Techno CNC 4 Axis Table

4 Axis Hot Wire CNC

4 Axis Hot Wire CNC