The Mallard vehicle was produced as an "eyeball" copy of a foreign military vehicle at a customers request for use in aerial target testing. The configuration of a polyhedral high thrust airframe is similar to Carl Goldberg's High Thrust Viking free flight airplane that was popular in the 1950's. The Mallard has excellent flight characteristics and is easily launched by hand or by bungee assist.

High Aspect Ratio Polyhedral Wing

The high apect ratio polyhedral wing allows for rudder only control while providing excellent roll stability. The wing is manufactured from EPP foam and bias fiberglass reinforcing. Color is applied to the inside of the polymer skin providing durability.

Battery Configuration Options

The Mallard can be flown with a configuration of single or dual batteries for extended range flights. Flight endurance is greater than 60 minutes for a single battery and greater than 90 minutes with dual battery configuration at max payload weight.

Stabilized Gimbal Camera

A BTC-88 gimbal has been incorporated into the Mallard to provide aerial imaging. The gimbal utilizes a quick attach mount allowing for field installation or removal in seconds.

Recovery Options

At the customers request a flight termination system has been developed. This system cuts power to the motor and deploys a small parachute to bring the airplane down under controlled circumstances. It can be triggered remotely, upon power loss, or when it recieves an invalid signal from the flight controller.

Training & Availability

Turnkey packages are available through our assisting partner UAV Pro Inc. UAV Pro Inc. has extensive and current experience flying the Mallard in a variety of missions. They can provide custom installation of your payloads.

Weight & Size

Wingspan 9 ft (2.74 m)
Length 6 ft (1.82 m)
Airframe Weight 8.5 lbs
Max Flight Weight 16.5 lbs


Endurance 60+ Minutes Single Battery, 90+ minutes Dual Battery
Power Plant 1,000 watt Brushless Motor
Max Speed 65 kts
Stall Speed 14 kts
Bungee Assist Launch
BTC Mallard
Air to Air