The SnakeDoctor vehicle has been designed to meet the needs of aerial infrastructure inspection. It is capable of flying into spaces where other vehicles can not while protecting its propellers using adaptive blade guards. Its can be equipped with a variety of sensor options to meet your survey needs as well as landing options including watertight avionics and floats.

Flight Duration

Redundant 6s Batteries power the snakedoctor and provide for excellent flight duration while preventing crashes from potential battery failures. At full up payload weight the system has been tested to exceed 36 minutes of flight. Without payload flight times of up to 45 minutes have been achieved.

Adaptive Blade Guards

The SnakeDoctor utilizes a patent pending retractable blade guard design that protects the airframe while in flight. The guards can be commanded by avionics including camera vision, onboard imu's, sonar, and other positioning sensors.

SnakeDoctor Sensor

The SnakeDoctor sensor is installed in seconds using a snap in frame mount that ensures jitter free dynamically balanced video. The system incorporates active video stabilization, dampening vehicle motion with zero backlash 90,000 count optical encoded motors. Video is optionally recorded onboard before being downlinked in either an HD or SD signal to your ground station.

SnakeDoctor Sheet
SnakeDoctor Sensor Sheet


Flight Duration (No Payload) 45 Minutes
Flight Duration (With Payload) 36 Minutes
All Up Weight (With Batteries) 11.75 lbs (5.32Kg)
Battery Configuration (2x) 6s 10,000 mAh Batteries
Setup Time 5 minutes