Ball Turret Cameras

BTC-55 Standard

Our Smallest Thermal Gimbal

The BTC-55 is our smallest and lightest thermal gimbal. Combining FLIR's state of the art Quark infrared sensor, our patented drive system and BTC's consistently lightweight and rugged construction, the BTC-55 is the perfect solution for your thermal imaging needs on the smallest UAVs, or any application where weight is critical.


The BTC-55 is designed to be easily incorporated into your airframe. The standard fixed wing nose mount is fabricated from lightweight thremo-plastics and composites. Please contact us for retractable or multi rotor installations.

PWM Control

The BTC-55 is controlled through Pulse Width Modulation and is compatible with most Flight Controllers right out of the box. Control wires come with standard JST servo connections.

Flat Field Correction

To ensure the highest quality imagery the BTC-55 incorporates our BTC FLIR Quark Interface Board. This control board commands the sensor to perform an automatic Flat Field Correction (FFC) at startup. The shutter-less quark requires that a non reflective thermally consistent object to be placed in front of the lens during the initial 6 second FFC calibration.

Weight & Size

Gross Weight RTF 125 grams
Dimensions 4"x2"x2.25" (L x H x W)

Gimbal Motion

Azimuth Speed >200° per second
Azimuth Range 360°
Elevation Speed >360° per second
Elevation Range 90°

Power & Control

Volatge 5-6 volts
Control PWM

Sensor Options

FLIR Quark

FLIR Quark