King Midget

1961 King Midget

The 1961 King Midget we bought pictured at right, needs some work. We purchased the frame from a gentleman in Florida who delivered it to our shop in the back of his pickup truck. We felt that the King Midget vehicle offered us an opportunity to develop a new class of economical pleasure vehicle. The King Midget will be built to be a licensed and road worthy in accordance with Maryland Laws. We will make modifications that will increase the enjoyment factor. The original King Midget uses single wheel drive, semi independently sprung. Our vehicle will feature a fully independent rear suspension with twin Briggs & Stratton engines and (as is used in the original) chain drive. This simple drive train puts the engine power directly to the axle with a very minimal power loss. What you get where the rubber meets the road is real close to what comes out of the motor.

Technical Specifications

  • 77" wheelbase
  • 18" DOT Approved Tires
  • Dual Briggs & Stratton World Formula Racing Engines
  • Dual Articulating Live Axles
  • Dual Braking System
  • Dual Accelerator Pedals
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