NexDrone Concept Vehicle

Brandebury Tool Company introduces the NexDrone, the 21st century version of our prior successful delta, the ExDrone. The NexDrone adds in line twin reliability and a fully retractable air cushioned high impact landing gear.


The NexDrone is a fully composite airframe utilizing our “glastic” ABS/glass hybrid cowls and hatch covers. The wing is a hollow composite design providing large volume for bladder style fuel tanks that allow flight durations exceeding 6 hours. The boom tubes and tail feathers are carbon fiber/composite.

Power Plant

The NexDrone features American made DA Engines. The standard version comes with two 60cc engines. 80cc engines will be available as an option.


The NexDrone, equipped with retracting gear and payloads will provide for rapid dash speeds. The air cushioned high impact landing gear allows operation from unimproved fields and “carrier style” landings.


Even if one servo becomes inoperative, the flying surfaces can be programmed to maintain flight control. This split elevon reliability combined with twin engines equals an airframe that will get the job done under extreme circumstances.


The unique Brandebury AeroPneumatic retracts come with fully proportional air brakes. This pressure/vacuum system ensures for tight fitting jitter free doors and cannot be harmed by jamming.

Training & Availability

Turnkey packages are available through our assisting partner UAV Pro Inc. UAV Pro Inc. has extensive and current experience flying the ExDrone UAV in a variety of missions. They can provide custom installation of your payloads. They will be conducting test flights and developing training protocols for the NexDrone begining Spring 2014.

The NexDrone is available with the very capable BTC-195

The NexDrone is available with the very capable BTC-195

Weight & Size

Wingspan 9.5'
Length 7'10"
Empty Weight 44 lbs
Gross Takeoff Weight 79 lbs


Endurance 6 Hrs
Power Plant DA 60 x2
Power 6x 2 HP
Payload Capacity 35 lbs
Max Speed 130 kts (est)
Stall Speed 40 kts (est)